The new smart experienc-e app takes users on a virtual tour of the smart electric drive model range. A 3D model, range simulator, and explanation of many electric features make this a fun and intuitive experience.

How do you research and prep for an electric test drive? In 2017, interested drivers can get their info from websites, magazines, catalogs – and apps.

smart, the only automotive brand to date to electrify its entire conventionally powered fleet, is also a pioneer in the digital realm. The carmaker’s new smart experience-e app offers a useful virtual, three-dimensional, and extremely detailed guide to the electric smart fortwo electric drive, smart forfour electric drive, and smart cabrio electric drive models.

A 3D model of the smart electric drive provides users with a welcome initial overview of all key electric components and features. These features – like the car’s charging port or wall box – can be selected by touch to provide further explanations of all major details and technical data.

eine Person hält ein Tablet, auf dem die Innenansicht eines smarts in der smart experienc-e App zu sehen ist
Explore the interactive smart cockpit via app.
Photo: Mocka / Daimler AG (the image has been modified)

Range simulator and component scanner

Inside the cockpit of a smart electric drive model, app users can access information on further features and panels. The app’s component scanner automatically recognizes these via the smartphone camera and presents all relevant related information, e. g. on the charge meter, which replaces the rev counter in electric vehicles.

Finally, a range simulator can calculate the car’s individual, realistic range based on a range of variables like speed, temperature, and interior air conditioning. Even wheel rim-size can factor into the equation since the difference between 15-inch and 16-inch wheels can also affect the car’s overall electric range.

verschiedene Ansichten der smart experienc-e App
smart experienc-e comes packed with helpful features.
Photo: smart magazine / Daimler AG (the image has been modified)

E-mobility made simple

The biggest achievement of the smart experienc-e app: Anyone who still believes that e-mobility and associated terms are complicated, will gain easy, playful access to the new technology.

And thanks to the combination of app (available in five languages) and a smart fortwo electric drive, smart forfour electric drive, or smart cabrio electric drive test drive, prospective users can find out first-hand that e-mobility is not only easier on the environment, but also huge fun to drive.

Price: free
System: iOS and Android
Size: more than 250 MB

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