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Urban explorers, architectural experts, globetrotters, lifestyle scouts, and car nerds: smart magazine’s authors are always on the hunt for the latest trends and ideas from the world’s metropolises.


Magazine, Berlin

Highsnobiety is an online publication covering forthcoming trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture. It has steadily built a strong brand in the online fashion and lifestyle world. Today the blog and print magazine sit among the most visited global sources for inspiration in the areas of fashion, sneakers, music, art and lifestyle culture.

Alfred Rinaldi

Journalist, London

When he’s not roaming the streets of Rio, Atlanta, or London’s Camden Town, Alfred is writing for VICE, SZ, and other magazines about lifestyle and mobility. He has interviewed anyone from American Indians in North Dakota to underwater vintners in Spain.

David Torcasso

Journalist, Berlin & Zurich

David Torcasso is a freelance journalist and blogger, with a base in Berlin and Zurich. His favored topics include trends, innovations, digitalization and lifestyle. In addition to writing for Die Zeit, Brand Eins or NZZ, he visits schools as media coach.

Kim Hoefnagels

Journalist, Rotterdam

An editor of A10 magazine, Kim Hoefnagels loves to write about architecture, design, art, and related topics. For smart magazine, she covers the latest urban trends and social innovations from the Netherlands.

Photo: Marieke Odekerken

Helene Dancer smart magazine

Helene Dancer

Journalist, London

Helene is a freelance writer and video producer specialized in travel, music, and lifestyle. She has worked for the BBC, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, Mixmag, and others. For smart magazine, she covers most stories from the UK capital.

Ji-Hun Kim smart magazine

Ji-Hun Kim

Journalist, Berlin

Ji-Hun Kim studied philosophy and musicology and is editor-in-chief of online mag Das Filter as well as writing for DE:BUG, Groove, Monopol, Intersection, Der Freitag, smart magazine etc.. He also works as freelance lecturer, DJ, and music producer.

Oliver Herwig

Journalist & author, Munich

COR Award winner Dr. Oliver Herwig is smart magazine’s expert on architecture. The award-winning author writes for SZ, AD, and Prestel and teaches Design Theory at the Karlsruhe College of Arts and Design and the University of Art and Design, Linz.

Anthony Teasdale smart magazine

Anthony Teasdale

Journalist, London

The editor of men's style magazine Umbrella and FHM author is a city lover who considers the countryside 'boring' and 'lacking in Italian knitwear boutiques.' His likes include Liverpool FC, bacon sandwiches, and lusting after watches he can't afford.


Pop-Up City

Magazine, Amsterdam

Pop-Up-City, founded in 2008 by Amsterdam-based urban consultancy agency Golfstromen, is an online magazine for trends and ideas that shape the city of the future. In 2014, the platform published its first book, Pop-Up City: City-Making in a Fluid World.

Tim Rittmann smart magazine

Tim Rittmann

Journalist, Berlin

Tim Rittman works as a freelance journalist and author for online and print media as well as public television. He loves to research and write about interactive media, internet policy, pop culture, science – and his hometown, Berlin.

Ian Hsieh

Editor & Journalist, Cornwall

Ian Hsieh is a freelance editor and journalist. He fancies beat music, photography, film, good coffee, technology, design and sneakers. His holistic approach to projects stems from his stint as PR and marketing consultant for international big-name brands.


Art collective, Athens

Landscape architect/researcher Liva Dudareva and architect/sociologist Eduardo Cassina form the art collective METASITU. Together, they explore how urban spaces are inhabited. METASITU’s focus is largely on video art, research and lectures. The duo’s work has been featured at The Venice Biennale, Kunsthalle Wien or The Strelka Institute in Moscow.

Dan Gentile

Dan Gentile

Journalist & Photographer, Austin

Dan Gentile is a journalist, photographer, and DJ based in Austin, TX, the barbecue capital of the world. He’s traveled across the world in search of the finest coffees, tacos, and disco records, but always returns to Austin for the brisket and swimming holes.

Rich McEachran

Rich McEachran

Journalist, Southsea

Rich McEachran is a freelance journalist, exploring the intersection of business, sustainability, technology and innovation for The Guardian and The Telegraph, among others. He also produces content and works on editorial projects for well-known global brands.