To mark the 15th anniversary of their successful ongoing joint venture, smart and BRABUS introduce their smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition.” Limited to just 150 units sporting an exclusive shiny anniversary silver finish, this exclusive run comes with a choice of turbo engines or electric drive.

Intelligent, versatile, and (most of all) perfect for the city – that’s what puts smart miles ahead of other automotive brands. But smart can also be strong, sophisticated, and very individual – like the refined models of the smart BRABUS line-up.

dashboard of the smart BRABUS „15th anniversary edition“
Espresso leather and silver seams add premium elegance to the interior.

For the past 15 years, smart and the world’s largest refinement specialist of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles have been collaborating on exclusive modifications of the manufacturer’s model range. More than reason enough to celebrate this successful partnership with the new smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition,” an exclusive release based on the latest smart fortwo platform.

The interior of a smart BRABUS 15th anniversary edition
After 15 years of smart BRABUS, the driver’s perspective still takes priority and pride of place.

Limited to just 150 units globally

Since these sleek and slinky collectors’ items are strictly limited to 150 globally, fans are advised not to wait with their order. The anniversary edition is now available as a coupe or convertible.

The smart BRABUS 15th anniversary edition in the sunshine
The anniversary silver hue adds special sheen and sparkle.

And it’s guaranteed to draw the eye: The special paint finish of the car’s body panels and the tridion safety cell easily sets this smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition” apart – its anniversary silver sheen is both striking and sophisticated.

What’s more, high-gloss, deep black light alloy wheels and statement accents on the front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser contrast the grand exterior to great effect.

detailed view of the smart BRABUS 15th anniversary edition
The deepest black paired with a high-gloss finish for the front spoiler and side skirt accents.

Available with two turbo engines or electric drive

Since it’s not just the outside that counts, the “15th anniversary edition“ models also handle as keenly as they look: Two turbo-charged 66 kW (90 hp) or 80 kW (109 hp) gasoline engines easily power dynamic outings across city or country.

Alternatively, the coupe version of the “15th anniversary edition“ is also available with a 60 kW (81 hp) electric drive, making any trip a whisper-quiet, locally emission-free pleasure.

All three options offer impressive acceleration, reaching 100 km/h in just 9.5 to 11.7 seconds and easily leaving their heavier metal peers behind at the traffic lights.

the diffuser of the smart BRABUS electric drive
The sleek rear diffuser – since you’re most likely to spot a smart BRABUS from behind, accelerating away.

Perfect incarnation of the smart BRABUS philosophy

The smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition’s“ unrivalled combination of strength and elegance also embodies the philosophy both brands have pursued since the debut of their collaboration at the 2002 Geneva Motorshow.

smart CEO Annette Winkler talking
“Highly competent and incredibly fast” … is how smart CEO Dr. Winkler describes the joint venture.

“The idea of the exclusive small car has prevailed,” according to head of BRABUS Bodo Buschmann. smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler also considers the joint venture between smart and BRABUS “a truly successful example of how major industry and smaller companies can work together in a way that allows each of them to display their individual strengths: highly competent, creative, and really fast at turning ideas round.”

interior of the smart BRABUS 15th anniversary edition
A choice of three tailor made packages for the smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition.“
seat of smart 15th anniversary edition
stitching "15th anniversary"

Choice of three different smart BRABUS tailor made packages

Thanks to the smart BRABUS tailor made customization program, introduced back in March 2010, drivers can literally tailor their own, unique vehicles to spec – handmade by masters of their craft using nothing but premium materials.

Now, the current, celebratory models of the smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition” demonstrate this high art of bespoke finishing with three different tailor made packages. The BRABUS Xclusive sport seats, for example, come upholstered in espresso brown leather with silver stitching to offset and match the car’s exclusive exterior to perfection.

Dashboard, door center panels, and steering wheel also sport this dynamic combination of brown leather and silver seam accents. Furthermore, matt silver/chrome DCT shift paddles, stainless steel door sills with carbon-fiber-look edging, speedometer ring, air vent surrounds, and steering wheel bezel – all painted the shiny shade of anniversary silver – as well as a stylish carbon-fiber-look dashboard tray complete the sleek & sporty interior.

For a final, special highlight, look no further than the aluminum DCT shift lever knob with its engraved model serial number (e. g. 007/150). It keeps the ultra-exclusive nature of this smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition” always in view of the driver – a view that deserves priority and pride of place in any smart BRABUS model.

the smart BRABUS 15th anniversary edition from behind
Shining star: the smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition“ as cabrio.